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About Delusions of Grandeur

Welcome, Thank you for your interest in our guild Delusions of Grandeur. D.o.G is an Alliance guild on the Aman'Thul server.

D.o.G was created on November 4th 2008. D.o.G is a PvE guild with a focus on being successful in End Game raiding.  We are currently focussed on 25 hard modes with weekly LK kills.  We are looking to ensure our raid roster is established for Cataclysm.

Our curent 25 man roster is full and we are looking to fill specific spots for the Cata team.  We will look to three 10 man Cata teams with a performance based 25 man team.  We do not plan on mass recruiting as we are looking to build a strong consistent 25 man raid group. 

D.o.G. raiders will be expected to be available and ready to go at raid start times, and if not, be able to let officers / raid leaders know in advance of your expected unavailability / late arrival.  Current 25 man raiding schedule is Wed,  Sun and Mon 8.15pm (invites) to 11.30pm  Server Time.

What kind of player is right for D.o.G?

We see that fun comes from success so we want people who are willing to try hard and perservere.

D.o.G players must be fast learners and possess a desire to get better and learn for themselves (eg watching available boss videos and optimising toon through appropriate simulators)

We want players that are mature and have the ability to listen when required, and we are striving to provide an enjoyable progression focussed raid environment.

We want players that have a desire to do the impossible - we do not want people whinging when it gets tough. We are willing to wipe constantly trying something new and we expect you will do the same.

(PLEASE NOTE) If you would like to apply for a position with Delusions Of Grandeur please click the MEMBERSHIP APPLY TO GUILD link located in the top left hand corner of the page and be sure to answer all questions as this is how we can get to know you.

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